«New yellow taxi» -

Number 1 in Russia!

Taxi will arrive within 15-30 min from the order at any destination in Moscow. At any time day or night. At any weather the Taxi will pick you up.
New Yellow Taxi prices are not above the average ones. All payments are strictly according to the taximeter. Taxi dispatch is free.
All New Yellow Taxi drivers have at least three years’ professional experience, all taxi orders are under dispatch center control. All New Yellow Cabs are daily washed and cleaned before sent to customers.

Taxi advertisment

 We offer advertising on New Yellow Taxi.


Our cabs provide a unique opportunity for placing your ads on light boxes, back glass and doors.

Taxi advertising will help you to reach different marketing goals: from a product promotion to the brand-loyalty increase.

Clean and sunny New Yellow Cabs will spread you advertisement throughout the city, announce it at all roads and meet thousands of passengers everyday!


Call us and we shall offer you the best prices and biggest discounts.


Telephone: +7 495 780 33 11, ext.265

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