«New yellow taxi» -

Number 1 in Russia!

Taxi will arrive within 15-30 min from the order at any destination in Moscow. At any time day or night. At any weather the Taxi will pick you up.
New Yellow Taxi prices are not above the average ones. All payments are strictly according to the taximeter. Taxi dispatch is free.
All New Yellow Taxi drivers have at least three years’ professional experience, all taxi orders are under dispatch center control. All New Yellow Cabs are daily washed and cleaned before sent to customers.


New Transportation Company, Ltd (NTC) was established in May 2002. Now it is the biggest taxi-operator in Russia.NTC own a fleet of more than 1 500 Ford Focus II cabs known as “New Yellow Taxi” and more than 100 Ford Mondeo cars “Important Person” taxi-service.

Managing the biggest fleet of cars allows fast dispatch of cabs to any point in the city. All cabs are daily checked and washed at the company’s own garages and repairing shops that guarantee the security of cars and quality of service.Drivers and dispatchers daily attend the courses at company’s own Training Center upgrading their skills and taxi service quality level. All NTC drivers take the introductory course including customer service skills, advance orientation in St Pete and safe professional driving.NTC’s mission is keeping taxi market leadership adhering to strict quality of customer service.


“Your taxi makes our city nicer!”- Anastasia Volochkova, ballet actor

“Cabs are clean and comfortable!” – Manager, Coca-Cola

“Good luck and joy to your company” – Igor Dmitriev, honorary actor of Russia

“I hope to continue of our cooperation!” – Alexander Kalyagin, honorary actor of Russia

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